Wisconsin Mother Arrested After 16-Year-Old Son Dies Weighing Only 42 Pounds

A 32-year-old mother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been arrested after her 16-year-old son reportedly died weighing only 42 pounds.

Iraida Pizarro-Osorio reportedly brought her son to the Sixteenth Street Health Center on Sept. 4. He was unconscious and appeared to be extremely emaciated, according to health officials. He was observed with almost no existing muscle and his “skeletal structure was visible beneath his skin.”

The mother had originally told police that her son suffered from a genetic disorder, had seizures, epilepsy and autism, which had impacted his ability to gain weight. This, along with a recent trip to Puerto Rico in which he got sick, resulted in his poor condition, the mother said.

However, police say that Osorio made up the story after they spoke with another one of her children who stated she would locked the teenager’s door at night so that he was unable to leave. The other child also stated that they had not been to Puerto Rico recently.

Source: Milwaukee mom charged after 16-year-old son dies weighing just 42 pounds | WGN-TV

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