Man Arrested for Threatening Mass Shooting at NFL Stadium 

A man who was arrested for threatening a mass shooting at Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots, reportedly did so because he was angry over a free agency signing.

Tobias Gray, a New York Giants fan, was arrested at his home in Rhode Island after he posted online, threatening to shoot random people at the stadium after he became angry regarding the Patriots’ signing of Antonio Brown.

In the post, Gray allegedly wrote “I’m going to pull a white boys school shooting at Foxboro you might as well hand them the ring right now I’m if I ever get my hands on a gun which I don’t have one yet but I’m looking I will go shoot up random people at Foxboro.”

He’s charged with a fugitive of justice complaint for making terroristic threats in Massachusetts.

Source: Man Angry Patriots Signed Antonio Brown Accused Of Making Online Threat – CBS Boston

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