Elderly Florida Man Accused of Raping 8-Year-Old on “Multiple Occasions” 

A 71-year-old man from Palm Beach County, Florida, has been arrested after he reportedly raped an eight-year-old girl on “multiple occasions.”

Joseph Cherima was arrested Monday for sexual battery. The girl was reportedly pinned by Cherima in a dark bedroom on August 31st when she noticed a person looking for her, prompting her to call for help. The man held the door to the bedroom shut for an unspecified amount of time before releasing the girl.

The girl has stated that the incident was not isolated, telling deputies that, “He put his thing in my thing and this is not the first time it happened.” She was able to list at least three other incidents involving Cherima.

Source: Florida man, 71, raped 8-year-old girl on multiple occasions, deputies say

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