Woman Pecked to Death by Rooster as She Gathered Eggs

A woman in Australia was killed by a rooster who pecked at her leg, puncturing a varicose vein that hemorrhaged and caused her death.

The 76-year-old woman was gathering eggs from her property when the rooster pecked at her leg repeatedly, according to a study published in late August in the journal Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology.

The bleeding caused the woman to collapse and later die. She was previously diagnosed with hypertension, type II diabetes and varicose veins. “Even relatively small domestic animals may be able to inflict lethal injuries in individuals if there are specific vascular vulnerabilities present,” the report said.

Source: Rooster pecked Australian woman to death, medical journal reports

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  1. All I’m saying is I would Never Die at the Beak of a Rooster or any Bird for that matter. After just 1 Peck to my Leg I would belted that thing clear across the Farm. She just let it Peck her to Death. Unreal.

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