Dairy Queen Confirms That Burgers Are Not Made With Human Meat

Dairy Queen confirmed Friday that their burgers are made completely with beef after rumors began around what the burgers were made of at a South Carolina location.

Federal agents surrounded the Dairy Queen on Wednesday after a corporate inspector told the restaurant manager someone complained about “human meat being inside a burger.” “If that was the case, they already would have shut me down,” manager Saif Momin reportedly said.

Rumors spread quickly and a local newspaper reporter had to contact the Greenwood County coroner for confirmation that human beings were not cooked into DQ’s hamburgers. “I promise you, I’ve never had anything of that nature asked of me. I’ve never suspected anything like that. I can honestly say that’s the first I’ve heard of it, and I don’t see any validity in that at all,” County Coroner Sonny Cox reportedly said.

Source: DQ manager: ‘No illegal activities’ at store day after federal raid | Crime | indexjournal.com

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