Atlanta Attorney Allegedly Kills Man With Mercedes After Golf Ball Hit His Car

A Georgia attorney was indicted last week on murder charges after allegedly driving his Mercedes into a man who hit the lawyer’s car with a golf ball.

Bryan Schmitt, a 48-year-old lawyer in Atlanta, “purposely steered” his 2011 Mercedes CLS550 toward Hamid Jahangard, 60, on July 30, prosecutors said.

A “prominent real estate investor,” Jahangard, a native of Iran and father of two, was struck in the driveway of a property in Sandy Springs, according to a press release.

Schmitt told investigators he was passing Jahangard’s driveway when he spotted the 60-year-old leaning over a trash can, then making a throwing motion and throwing something like a rock or a golf ball at his Mercedes, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Authorities were unable to find damage on Schmitt’s car but found a golf ball at the scene. Two weeks later law enforcement officials concluded Schmitt’s story did not match details uncovered in the investigation.

Source: Cops: Attorney said fight over golf ball led to death of investor

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