BREAKING: New Information Revealed in Dale Earnhardt Jr. Plane Crash

New information in the Dale Earnhardt Jr. plane crash has been revealed after the NTSB released a report Friday.

Officials say that the plane, which was carrying Earnhardt, his wife, his daughter, and their dog, crashed and caught on fire after bouncing twice on the runway. While this information had been unveiled in a previous report, the new report indicates that the pilots attempted a go-around after the second bounce, but this was unsuccessful.

The plane landed straight ahead on the runway, causing a landing gear collapse and the outboard section of the right wing to hit the runway. The plane then left the runway, traveled through an open area of grass, down an embankment, through a chain-link fence, up an embankment, and came to rest on the edge of Highway 91.

Earnhardt Jr. says he has suffered serious lower back bruising, but plans to race at Darlington Speedway in South Carolina next weekend.

Source: NTSB: Pilots tried to abort landing before Earnhardt plane crash |

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