Musician Mauled to Death by Grizzly Bear

A musician was reportedly mauled to death by a grizzly bear while trying to capture sounds of nature, in what official call a rare, unprovoked bear attack.

Julien Gauthier, a 44-year-old musician, was reportedly surprised by the animal while he was sleeping by a river in a remote area of Canada. The composer was reportedly dragged away from the campsite, prompting one of his companions to issue a distress signal. Poor weather conditions caused Canadian officials to have to bring a helicopter to evacuate the group, but Gauthier’s body was not found until the next day.

The Brittany Symphony Orchestra, where Gauthier had been a composer in residence since 2017, paid tribute to him, stating that he was “a sensitive, generous and talented man” who had “a sense of adventure, wonder and rare intelligence”.

Source: Julien Gauthier: Grizzly bear kills soundgathering musician – BBC News

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