Arms Trafficker Convicted in Anti-Aircraft Missile Scheme Sentenced

An arms trafficker that was previously convicted in an anti-aircraft missile scheme has been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison.

Rami Najm Asad-Ghanem, 53, who was commonly known as Rami Ghanem, a naturalized United States citizen who was living in Egypt at the time of the crimes. He had been accused of conspiring to use and to transfer missile systems designed to destroy aircraft to clients in Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and the leadership of Hezbollah.

Investigations into Ghanem began in 2014 by the Los Angeles Counter-Proliferation Investigations Center. In 2015, he also expressed interest in purchasing several weapons to send overseas while talking with undercover agents.

Source: Arms Trafficker Convicted in Anti-Aircraft Missiles Scheme and Other Arms Offenses Sentenced to 30 Years in Federal Prison | OPA | Department of Justice

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