High-Ranking Member of the LDS Church Accused of Filming Woman Inside Dressing Room 

A man who is accused of filming a woman inside of a dressing room at an H&M store has been identified as Stephen Murdock, a high-ranking member of the LDS church.

Murdock is accused of taping the woman inside of a dressing room at a mall in Nashville, Tennessee, after leading her to the room and going into another room adjacent to it. The woman says that she noticed a camera and iPhone poking above the wall of the dressing room, immediately alerting her to the fact that she was being recorded.

The woman went to the room where Murdock was and confronted him, forcing him to delete the photos, while another person called police. Murdock’s wife also reportedly attempted to get the woman to not contact police.

Source: Police: Man who filmed woman at dressing room identified as high member of LDS church | WZTV

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