BREAKING: Over 1,700 Marijuana Plants Seized from Large Grow Operation in Kansas

Officials in Kansas say that they have seized over 1,700 marijuana plants from a grow operation new El Dorado.

The plants, worth around $1.7 million, were found after police were tailing a suspect following a reportedly burglary in the area. The suspect ran into a field, where two more male suspects were found. Only one of the three were arrested. The captured person then led police to their field, where they said that numerous people had been tending to the plants around the clock.

Police said there was a camp site with tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, hygiene products, and a cooking area discovered alongside the cultivated field. There were also generators and water pumps used to irrigate the marijuana plants.

Source: More than 1,700 pot plants seized from grow operation near El Do

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