Wheelchair-Bound Woman Rolls Into Water​ Off Cruise Dock

Two local men in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands rescued a Carnival cruise ship passenger in a wheelchair who had fallen from a dock into the water.

In a video of the rescue posted on Facebook, the woman is seen in the water holding a life ring that had been thrown to her as two men hold on to her to keep her from going under. Rescuers are seen using a rope that had been tied around the woman to hoist her out of the water. Once she is back on the ground, a crowd cheers.

A spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Line said in a statement that the woman was a guest on their Carnival Fascination cruise ship and was being escorted in the wheelchair by a family member when she accidentally fell off the dock. The woman did not sustain any injuries, the spokesperson said.

ource: Cruise Ship Passenger in Wheelchair Plunges Off Dock, Two Locals Dive in to Save Her

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