Town Plans to Install Anti-Sex Toilets

A seaside town in Welsh plans to install public toilets with measures to prevent people from having sex inside, including an alarm, the doors opening and a spray of water.

Porthcawl plans to replace its Griffin Park public toilets with models that deter “inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism,” as the Press Association reports. Movement sensors inside the restrooms will respond to “violent” activity, while weight sensors will be installed to detect more than one person.

Some on social media have criticized the decision, with some calling them cruel and saying they could “humiliate” users. “Weight sensitive floors to detect more than 1 user? What baseline weight are they using? I’m easily the weight of 2 teenagers! And what about people who need assistance? I have to go in with my kids,” one Twitter user wrote.

Source: The new robo-toilets planned for Porthcawl take public toilets to a whole new level – Wales Online

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