Portland Prepares for Far-Right Rally; Entire Police Force Will Be on Duty

Stores began closing Friday night in Portland, Oregon, ahead of protests between groups of right-wing demonstrators​ and anti-fascist demonstrators.

Several extremist groups are expected to show up. Police learned about the protest from social media and what they saw makes them concerned about possible violence. Several groups from the far-left and far-right said they will protest in the city’s downtown. Police said its 1,000 member force will be on duty.

The event was organized by the “Proud Boys,” a group the Southern Poverty Law Center designated as a hate group. Police aren’t sure which protest groups will show up, what they’ll be protesting about and if they’re only coming to cause trouble.

President Trump tweeted about the rally Saturday morning.

Source: Portland protests: Police beefed up for far-right, far-left showdown

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