Police Called to Break-Up Fights on Delta Flight During 8-Hour Delay

Port Authority police officers at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City had to intervene after a fight broke out on a Delta flight that was delayed around eight hours on Thursday.

One passenger, Juan Andres Ahmad, tweeted that the pilot had “no idea” where the ground crew was and while the passengers waited they weren’t given food or water, Fox 5 New York reported.

Delta said no passengers were removed from the flight, which finally left for Miami eight hours behind schedule, FOX 5 reported. A Delta spokesperson said, “Customers were offered both water and snack service while on the tarmac and were also offered the chance to take a bus back to the terminal given the plane was parked on a remote pad for quite some time.”

Source: Delta flight gets ugly after 8-hour delay – Story | WNYW

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