Hundreds Expected to Attend Rally in Support of Man Accused of Shooting Philadelphia Police Officers

Organizers of a rally to support the suspect accused of shooting six Philadelphia police officers say they expect hundreds to attend the event.

The protest organizers say that they expect between 200 to 300 people to come out in support of their event. The rally is being held in support of suspect Maurice Hill, who is accused of the Wednesday shooting that sent several police officers to the hospital.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross says police will also be at the rally, adding,

“Sadly, we do have to be there, I don’t understand it. There’s certain marches I do understand, this is definitely not one of them.”

Hill will likely face charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault, among others.

Source: Organizers Say Hundreds Expected To Attend Rally To Support Suspect Accused Of Shooting 6 Philadelphia Police Officers – CBS Philly

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