BREAKING: Pressure Cookers Shutdown NYC Subway Station

Two suspicious pressure cookers shut down a subway station in Lower Manhattan on Friday morning. The NYPD’s Bomb Squad later determined they were rice cookers and not explosives, authorities said.

Another suspicious package was found near a garbage can in Chelsea just over an hour later. Cops have not determined what the third package was or if it was dangerous.

Police urged subway riders to avoid the Fulton Street subway station because of the first two packages. The station was evacuated out of “an abundance of caution,” a police spokesperson said. The Bomb Squad later cleared the devices.

Authorities are looking to question a tall, thin white man seen pushing a shopping cart near the Fulton Street subway station, where two rice cookers were found. A third was found next to a trash can in Chelsea. Police say they want to speak to the dark-haired man, describing him as a person of interest.

Source: New York City police investigating suspicious items in Manhattan – ABC News

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