7-Foot-Long Saltwater Crocodile Found in Ohio Creek Near Playing Children

A seven-foot saltwater crocodile was reportedly found inside of a creek in Preble County, Ohio, a short distance away from children playing in the water.

The crocodile, which is not native to the area, is believed to have been dumped in the creek by an owner once the reptile had gotten too large to take care of. Several children were playing in the creek when an adult noticed the a dark shadow moving near a bridge. When it emerged, the adult discovered it was a crocodile and quickly got the children out of the water.

Officials who removed the croc say that it was around seven feet long and weighed just over 170 pounds. The crocodile was shot by a wildlife officer as a safety precaution.

Source: 7-foot crocodile found in Ohio creek as kids played in water

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