Florida Man Arrested After Intentionally Running Over Ducklings That Were Playing in a Puddle

A man from Largo, Florida, has been arrested after he allegedly intentionally ran over ducklings that were playing in a puddle.

Multiple witnesses observed James Clairmont driving his Ford truck westbound on Orange Dr. inside of a mobile home park late Sunday night. Two witnesses, one of whom was a child, then say they saw him slow down for a speed bump before accelerating rapidly and driving straight into a puddle where 11 ducklings were playing with their mother duck.

Three ducklings were struck by the truck, with two dying at the scene. Police that interview Clairmont say that the man, who appeared heavily intoxicated, denied running over the ducklings, but could not explain why there was blood and duck feathers in the tires of his truck.

Source: Largo man arrested for intentionally running over ducklings playing in a puddle

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