BREAKING: Uncle of Missing Utah 5-Year-Old Pleads Guilty to Murder, Rape

The uncle of a missing five-year-old from Utah has pleaded guilty in court to her murder.

Alex Whipple, 21, was charged with aggravated murder, child kidnapping, rape of a child, and sodomy of a child, all of which he has pleaded guilty to in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. Five-year-old Elizabeth Shelley reportedly went missing Saturday morning after her mother, Jessica, said she and her live-in boyfriend, Detrich Black, last saw Shelley at approximately 1 a.m.

Jessica and Detrich had been drinking with Alex the night before and had told him that he could sleep on their couch. However, when Jessica woke up, she found the door wide open and her daughter and Alex missing, even though his cell phone and skateboard remained at the home.

Whipple was later found in a remote area away from the residence. In his possession, police found a baseball bat, a pipe commonly used for narcotics, personal items and a Pabst Blue Ribbon 24-ounce beer can. During interviews, he changed his story often, first saying that he had not been at the home, but then saying he was there, but had gone on a walk after the two others were “horny.” During the interview, investigators noticed dark colored stains on Whipple’s pants that were consistent with dried blood. They also noticed several cuts on his dirty fingers.

Elizabeth’s body has not been recovered.

Source: Uncle of missing Elizabeth Shelley charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping | KUTV

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