Alligator Eats 100lb Pit Bull in Florida Park

A Florida woman says that a large alligator attacked and ate her pit bull during a walk on Thursday.

Cynthia Robinson was taking “Tank” out for a walk near an Auburndale, Florida, retention pond when a gator came from the water and attacked. “My dog didn’t even know what happened to him. He had that look like yelping,” Robinson said. “He was like ‘Help me mama,’ but I couldn’t do nothing.” It made her 100-pound pit bull look like a “chihuahua,” she said.

A trapper caught and removed an 11-foot gator in the area, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed. They believe it is the alligator that killed the dog. Officials say residents should keep their pets on a short leash and away from the water to help avoid alligators.

Source: Gator attacks, kills family’s dog in Auburndale – Story | FOX 13 Tampa Bay

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