Man Accused of Hiding Camera in First Class Airplane Bathroom

A Houston, Texas, man who works for Halliburton is accused of planting a camera inside an airplane bathroom and using it to record women.

Choon Ping Lee has been charged with video voyeurism. The incident happened May 5 on a United Airlines from San Diego to Houston. A first-class passenger told them she went to the bathroom at one point during the flight and noticed a device with a blue blinking light, according to police. The passenger gave it to the flight crew.

Security watched the footage and saw a man installing the device in the bathroom in first class on that same flight. Officials say they couldn’t see the man’s face, but he wore clothing and jewelry with distinct details.

A man wearing the same clothing as the person seen in the video was found in the San Diego boarding area. Authorities requested a warrant for Lee’s arrest. If convicted, he could be fined, spend up to a year in prison or both.

Source: Houston man charged with placing hidden camera in airplane bathroom – ABC News

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