BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein Accused of Sending Underage Girl to Have Sex with Governor and U.S. Senator

Jeffrey Epstein and a friend reportedly sent an underage girl to have sex with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, according to court documents made public Friday.

Virginia Giuffre, now an adult, says that she had been sent to the two politicians, as well as modeling executive Jean Luc Brunel and MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, according to a 2016 deposition she gave. The woman also claims that she was a “sex slave” for Epstein from 2000-2002, being forced to have sex with the U.K.’s Prince Andrew and Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz.

All of the accused men have denied the allegations, as well as denying that they had any knowledge that Epstein had inappropriate conduct with underaged girls.

Source: Jeffrey Epstein Latest: Woman Testifies to Underage Encounters – Bloomberg

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