BREAKING: Multiple New Jersey Residents Charged in Sex Trafficking Conspiracy Case

The Department of Justice says that they have charged three New Jersey residents with sex trafficking conspiracy.

Jean Noriega, 48, Enna Gonzalez, 53, and John Oyola, 32, of Paterson, New Jersey, reportedly conspired to coerce multiple women to engage in commercial sex in New Jersey and New York. Noriega specifically is accused of using violence and threats in an attempt to get women to engage in his sex-for-profit scheme.

Oyola and Gonzalez reportedly aided Noriega by controlling the victims through various means, collecting proceeds, and otherwise carrying out his sex trafficking activities. If convicted of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, the defendants face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, a $250,000 fine, and mandatory restitution.

Source: Three New Jersey Residents Charged with Sex Trafficking Conspiracy | OPA | Department of Justice

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