BREAKING: Colorado Man Arrested After Hundreds of Violent, Sexual Images of Infants and Toddlers Found on his iPhone

A Boulder, Colorado, man has been arrested after he was found with violent, sexual images of infants and toddlers on his phone.

29-year-old Wesley Gilreath was arrested after his iPhone was found on a public bus in Boulder in late May. Federal prosecutors are charging Gilreath of possessing hundreds of sexual and violent pictures that depict infants and toddlers. His phone also had a search history that sought more child pornography and was looking for a book that would help him gain a child’s trust.

Gilreath is also accused of posting what he called the “Montana Hunting Guide” online. It listed mosque and synagogue addresses, as well as a refugee center, according to the arrest affidavit.

Source: Boulder Man Accused Of Having Violent, Sexual Images Of Infants And Toddlers – CBS Denver

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