Prominent Greenpeace Activist and Leader Dies

Prominent Greenpeace activist and leader Steve Sawyer has reportedly died at the age of 63.

Sawyer, best known as being one of the first vocal activists to appear on the global stage to discuss the dangers of climate change, died in Amsterdam after a bout of pneumonia stemming from lung cancer. Over three decades, starting in the 70s, Sawyer rose from being a low-paid canvasser for Greenpeace, going door to door to solicit donations and memberships, to running the organization.

Among his achievements include:

-A 1991 treaty signed by a dozen countries to close Antarctica to gas, oil and mineral exploration for 50 years;

-An agreement signed by all the member nations of the United Nations, to phase out a succession of ozone-depleting chemicals, a move that has helped the ozone layer to recover;

-A 37-country pact to ban the dumping of radioactive waste at sea.

Source: Steve Sawyer, Greenpeace Activist and Leader, Dies at 63 – The New York Times

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