IRS Warning Taxpayers of Potential Mail Scams

The IRS has warned taxpayers of possible tax scams that utilize the U.S. Postal Service, sending fake letters to people asking for immediate payment.

The IRS had warned the public earlier this summer of a popular scam in which fraudsters would mail letters to taxpayers from a non-existent group called the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement” requesting immediate payments. They have again urged taxpayers to be careful and inspect the letters sent to them, not assuming they are official simply because they look the part.

An authentic letter from the IRS will have a few distinguishing markers, such as an official IRS seal, a notice or letter number in the top right corner of the paper, information about your rights as a taxpayer, and a phone number to contact the IRS directly. And most importantly, if the letter asks for money, gift cards, checks, or any other form of payment to somewhere other than the U.S. Treasury, it is fraudulent.

Source: Taxpayers receive fake IRS letters in the mail in latest tax scam – Business Insider

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