Mother of 7 Killed in Crossfire During Fight Over Shoes After Basketball Game

A mother of seven in Detroit, Michigan, has reportedly been killed after being caught in the crossfire of a fight over shoes following a basketball game.

Francesca ‘Frankie’ Marks was at Rouge Park near Plymouth and Burt for a barbecue with her family when a shooting broke out. At some point during the incident, Marks was struck by gunfire and eventually died after going into cardiac arrest.

The shooting began at a nearby basketball court, when some of Marks’ family was playing. The winners of the game were to be given shoes by the losers, however an argument led to shooting when someone was apparently not content with the results of the game. Marks became involved when the man who began shooting left, but then returned and fired at the barbecue.

The suspect has not been identified.

Source: Detroit mom to 7 killed in crossfire over shoes after basketball game – Story | WJBK

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