BREAKING: California Multimillionaire and Murder Fugitive Captured in Mexico

A multimillionaire and murder fugitive from Orange County, California, has reportedly been captured in Mexico.

Peter Chadwick, 55, is accused of strangling 46-year-old Quee Chadwick, his wife of 21 years, on October 10th, 2012. Her body was discovered by U.S. Marshals eight days later inside a dumpster in San Diego County.

Chadwick had claimed at the time that his wife was kidnapped and murdered by a handyman, but police say that they quickly doubted the story “when they noticed scratches on his neck and dried blood on his hands.” He was arrested back in 2012, but was released after paying $1.5 million in bail. He appeared over a dozen more times in court before disappearing in 2015.

Source: Orange County murder fugitive who allegedly murdered wife in 2012 captured in Mexico, authorities say |

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