Georgia Elementary School Criticized for Dictating Hairstyles for Black Students

An elementary school in Georgia was criticized after a hairstylist shared photos that the school used to show “appropriate” and “inappropriate” hairstyles for students.

A parent of a student at Narvie Harris Elementary in Decatur, Georgia, saw the poster in the school and took a picture. She shared it with her hairstylist, Danay Helena, who posted the photo on Facebook. Helena said she was concerned that the school was addressing only black students.

Some people called the policies racist and hurtful to individuality, while others pointed out that Narvie Harris is a theme school, similar to a charter school, and has the right to dictate dress code.

The school took down the poster Thursday, the DeKalb County School District said in a statement. “The poster was the result of a miscommunication relating to appearance rules at the school,” it said.

Source: Parents outraged by hair policy at Decatur school | News |

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