Mississippi Woman Sentenced in Felony Child Abuse Case Where She is Accused of Tying up, Beating, and Starving Her Son

A Canton, Mississippi, woman has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the felony abuse of her ten-year-old son.

Latasha Leonard, 34, was arrested after officials responded to her home on a tip of child neglect. He son was admitted at a nearby hospital weighing 41 pounds and standing at 3’4″, which is the average size of a four-year-old. He also reportedly had a broken femur injury that had not been treated.

The young boy was reportedly forced to stay in a small space between a dresser and the wall in the family’s home almost 24-four hours a day and was frequently tied up, beaten, and denied food by his mother. He was not allowed to go outside and play or eat dinner with the rest of the family. Leonard also attempted to deny his existence to investigators.

Source: Tied up, beaten, denied food: Canton mother sentenced for Felony Child Abuse | WJTV

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