Alleged Bigfoot Sighting at Kentucky National Park Leads to Gunfire

Federal officials are investigating after an alleged Bigfoot sighting led to gunfire at a national park in Kentucky.

Law enforcement responded to a campsite in Mammoth Cave National Park due to reports of gunfire. When they arrived, they were told that a man and his girlfriend were camping when they were awoken by a man and his son, who claimed they had heard noises.

Moments later, the two heard a gunshot from the woods, and the man returned to say Bigfoot had emerged from the woods, so he fired. The man and his girlfriend then decided to leave and report the incident. Officials are investigating to ensure that the campsite is safe.

Source: Alleged Bigfoot Sighting Led to Shooting at National Park in Kentucky, Camper Says | KTLA

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  1. Very interesting storie Mr Great. I was always fascinated by bigfoot and people’s obsession with it.-Tori!!!

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