Alabama Animal Shelter Says it Mistakenly Killed Woman’s Dog

A Montgomery Humane Society officer in Alabam picked up a dog which had been running loose in a neighborhood Monday morning. When the dog’s owner, Kim Wright, called the shelter they said that they couldn’t find her dog, Vinnie.

The shelter told her they would start a search and Wright posted on social media to plead for neighbors near the shelter to keep an eye out for her dog.

It turned out after the dog was picked up in the neighborhood, a shelter employee, mistaking Vinnie for another dog scheduled for euthanasia. The shelter discovered the mistake Tuesday morning.

“I broke down,” Wright said. “That’s my dog. I think it’s harder for my son. My son looked at Vinnie like a best friend. It is hard for me to see my child go through that.” MHS Executive Director Steven Tears acknowledged the mistake, calling it a “devastating” incident. Tears said the MHS team is currently re-evaluating their system.

Source: Alabama Humane Society animal shelter kills family dog in ‘devastating’ mistake

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