“City-Killer” Asteroid Has Near Miss with Earth, Shocking Scientists; the Asteroid Would Have Reportedly Hit the Planet with 30 Times the Power of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

A “city-killer” asteroid reportedly had a near-miss with Earth on Wednesday, shocking scientists, who say they only discovered it within days of its passing.

Asteroid 2019 OK reportedly flew past the plant, flying around 45,000 miles away, inside the orbit of the moon.The asteroid is estimated to measure between 187 and 426 feet, or 57 to 130 meters, across.

Scientists say that the asteroid would have had the impact equivalent to that of a “very large nuclear weapon.” NASA regularly monitors asteroids and other so-called near-Earth objects, but because this asteroid approached from the direction of the sun it was hard to spot.

Source: ‘City-killer’ asteroid just misses earth, shocks scientists | TheHill

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