4 Deputies Injured, 5 Arrested, and 1 Horse Punched During Brawl at California Fair

Four deputies of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department were reportedly injured during a brawl at the Stanislaus County Fair.

At least five people were also arrested during the fight, which also resulted in a horse getting punched. One of the beer booths for unknown reasons closed 45 minutes early, causing larger crowds at the remaining booths. There was then one person in the lines who appeared to be wearing affiliated clothing and attempting to cause fights. Police approached him and made contact.

At this point, another man came up and began throwing punches, leading to more and more people joining the fight. One of the subjects got knocked down, then drunkenly got back up and punched a horse in the rear end.

Source: Large fight breaks out at Stanislaus County Fair | Modesto Bee

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