Georgia Police Dog Shot And Killed by Deputy During Pursuit

A Georgia deputy, who authorities said “followed his training,” shot and killed a police dog after the canine bit him during a pursuit, officials said.

Police said they responded to a domestic dispute Friday afternoon in Dallas, Georgia, and saw a man matching a suspect description inside a car. When they tried to stop the car, the suspect ran.

Deputies said K-9 Verro was able to “squeeze through” the partially open kennel door that separates his vehicle kennel from the driver’s compartment and get out.

The dog saw a deputy running and since he could not differentiate between the deputy and the suspect without his handler present he “apprehended the Deputy by grabbing the back of his leg and followed his training by biting and holding until he was commanded to release.”

The deputy “had no idea the dog was actually a law enforcement canine,” since the dog bit him from behind, investigators said. “Unable to remove the dog from his leg, the Deputy followed his training, drew his service weapon and shot and killed K-9 Verro,” the post said.

Source: Georgia deputy shoots and kills K9 during pursuit with suspect |

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