Cooler Full of Male Genitalia Found During Raid of Arizona Body-Donation Company

A cooler full of male genitalia was reportedly found during the raid of a body donation center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Biological Resource Center, a closed, for-profit company, specialized in taking the bodies of people after they had died, and in exchange, offered their families free pickup of the bodies plus the cremated remains of the body parts the company did not sell.

The raid of the center was conducted in January of 2014, but details of the operation were recently disclosed in a new civil lawsuit. 33 plaintiffs have sued the Biological Resource Center, saying the remains of their family members were obtained through “false statements,” that body parts were being sold for profit to various middlemen, and that they were not stored, treated or disposed of with dignity or respect.

Among the findings inside the center were the box of male genitalia and a bucket of limbs.

Source: Cooler with male genitalia found in Biological Resource Center raid

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