U.S.-Born Citizen That Was Held in Immigration Custody for 3 Weeks Released

A U.S. high school student who has been held in immigration detention for three weeks has reportedly been released.

Claudia Galan, an attorney representing 18-year-old Francisco Galicia’s family, says they still have questions about why immigration authorities held a US citizen in custody for three weeks, which was reported on Monday. He had reportedly been on his way to a college scouting trip when he was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Galicia appears to have been detained because of a Mexican tourist visa that inaccurately lists his country of birth as Mexico, setting up a conflicting nationality claim. Galan states that she believes the case to have taken so long due to Homeland Security’s heavy workload, meaning that individual cases are not being given their appropriate attention.

Source: A US-born citizen was held in immigration detention for three weeks – CNN

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