North Carolina Father of 6 Has Neck Broken by Large Wave, Killing Him

A North Carolina father of six died on Friday after he was struck by an “intense wave” that knocked him to the ground and broke his neck, his wife said.

Lee Dingle, 37, of Raleigh was playing on the beach at Oak Island with his children when he was hit by the powerful wave in a “freak accident,” his wife, Shannon Dingle, wrote on Twitter.

After breaking his neck, his throat swelled depriving his brain of oxygen. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Ocean Service warns of the dangers of shorebreaks, an ocean condition when waves break directly on the shore. Waves that are small and high can be “unpredictable and dangerous,” and typically form where this is a rapid transition from deep to shallow water.

Source: Wave off Oak Island breaks Raleigh man’s neck, killing him ::

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