U.S. Citizen Accused of Becoming ISIS Sniper and Training Recruits

A 42-year-old New York man has been arrested and charged with becoming an ISIS sniper and weapons instructor.

Ruslan Maratovich Asainov, a Kazakhstan-born, naturalized U.S citizen is alleged to have traveled to Istabul in 2013. He then reportedly moved across the border into Syria, where he became a sniper for ISIS. Prosecutors say that the man then rose through the ranks to eventually become an “emir” and oversaw the training of other ISIS recruits in the use of weapons.

In March 2015 he requested $2,800 from an informant to purchase a rifle scope, sending photographs of himself boasting about the group and declaring his wish to die on the battlefield. He was then later detained and by Syrian forces before being transferred to FBI custody.

Source: Naturalized U.S. citizen charged with becoming ISIS sniper and weapons instructor | Fox News

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