Suspect in Arson Attack That Killed 33 Reportedly Had Grudge Against Kyoto Animation

Police are investigating the animation studio building in Kyoto where a man yelling about theft set a fire that killed 33 people.

Witness accounts suggest that the man had a grudge against Kyoto Animation, but police only have said the suspect, who is still hospitalized, is a 41-year-old man from near Tokyo who did not work for the studio.

Police identified the man as Shinji Aoba on Friday, according to the Japanese broadcaster NHK. The man told police that he set the fire because he thought “(Kyoto Animation) stole novels,” according to Japanese media. It was unclear if he had ever contacted the studio.

“They are always stealing. It’s their fault,” he told policemen when asked why he set the fire. The man complained that something had been stolen from him.

Source: Reports say suspect in deadly Kyoto arson attack had grudge

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