Police Officer Accused of Buying Television Pornography at the Home of a Dead Child’s Family, While The Child’s Body was Still Inside

A police officer in London, England, has been accused of purchasing T.V. pornography while at the home of a dead child’s family.

PC Avi Maharaj was on duty alone at the home when he used their television to purchase four films, two of which were purchased while the child’s body was still in the home. He has since been convicted of fraud for the purchases and is on restricted duty for the police department.

His conviction follows a complaint from a member of the child’s family, which led to an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). The watchdog also found evidence he may have falsified his attendance log to cover his actions.

IOPC regional director Sal Naseem, stated: “PC Maharaj’s behavior was shocking and even more so given he was guarding the property in the absence of the homeowner.

“Not only were his actions deceitful but he caused considerable distress for the family involved who were dealing with the sudden death of a family member.

“I am sorry that the family involved had to deal with this while also coping with the tragic loss of their child.”

Source: Met Police officer bought TV porn at home of dead child’s family – BBC News

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