Russia May Consider Constitutional Amendments That Could Keep Putin in Power

The Kremlin in Russia is leaving the door open for possible constitutional amendments that could extend the rule of President Vladimir Putin, according to Bloomberg.

According to the publication, “the idea of constitutional amendments, including allowing parliament a say in forming the government, received “a widespread response” and are “a matter for discussion,” Putin’s.”

Ultimately, one such change would adjustt the electoral system “ in an effort to secure its lock on the lower house of parliament in 2021 elections amid a plunge in popularity of the ruling United Russia party, according to people familiar with the preparations. Keeping a strong hold on the legislature, known as the State Duma, would widen Putin’s room for maneuver.

It could potentially allow him to switch roles to retain power as head of the ruling party and prime minister with expanded constitutional authority at the expense of the presidency, according to two people close to the Kremlin and a ruling-party legislator.”

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