New York Sisters Abused Father Because They Said God Told Them he Was ‘Unfaithful’ to Wife

Three sisters from upstate New York were sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison after two decades of physically and mentally abusing their elderly father because they said God told them he was “unfaithful to their mother.”

Elissa Pietrocarlo, 41, Grace Pietrocarlo, 31, and Annabel Pietrocarlo, 23, were each sentenced to two years in prison after prosecutors said they “intentionally caused physical injury” to their 71-year-old father starting in 2002.

The victim was beaten regularly by the women and he was frequently forced to sleep in clothes since he was often chased out of the house in the middle of the night.

The women also kicked and punched the man and when he pleaded for help he received none. He eventually managed to drive himself to the hospital where he was treated for a fractured rib and a bruised spleen. The abuse continued for years until a friend of the victim contacted police to ask to conduct a welfare check.

Source: 3 Hamburg sisters sentenced for abusing their father |

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