Baby’s Genitals Amputated Following Botched Procedure by Nurse Pretending to be a Doctor

An Egyptian baby’s genitals had to be amputated after a botched circumcision was conducted by a nurse pretending to be a doctor.

The one-month-old boy had the amputation after his genitals became gangrenous following the botched procedure. The boy’s father was reportedly convinced by his sister-in-law and a family friend to have his son circumcised during a doctor’s visit in Cairo to have the baby vaccinated. The procedure was then conducted by a nurse who pretended to be a doctor.

The father became suspicious during the procedure, and brought his son to a medical center for a follow-up after he observed swelling. A few days later, the baby developed an infection and was rushed to Nasser Institute for Research and Treatment in Cairo, where they amputated his penis.

The nurse has since been arrested and an investigation is underway.

Source: Baby’s genitals amputated after botched circumcision by nurse – Jerusalem Post

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