Arkansas Man Attacks Dollar Store Manager with Pizza Bagels Before Going Into Nearby Wendy’s and Slapping a Worker

A seemingly intoxicated man was arrested in Springdale, Arkansas, after he reportedly assaulted a dollar store manager with pizza bagels.

Roger Bridendolph is facing multiple charges after he allegedly had an altercation with dollar store employees before running into a nearby Wendy’s. The man reportedly attacked the manager of the dollar store after he attempted to take a box of Bagel Bites, hitting the employee with the box.

He then reportedly walked over to a nearby Wendy’s and slapped a female employee. It is unclear what could have prompted either of the assaults.

Bridendolph is facing charges of felony robbery, and misdemeanor second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Source: Man allegedly attacks dollar store manager with pizza bagels, then runs into Wendy’s and slaps worker | Fox News

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