JetBlue Flight Evacuated After Picture of a Suicide Vest Sent to Every iPhone On Board

A Jet Blue plane about to take off from Newark Airport Saturday had to be evacuated after someone, possibly a passenger on the flight, sent a photo of a suicide vest to everyone’s Apple device, sources said.

The flight bound to Tampa left the gate and was on the runway at 7:20 a.m. when someone “air dropped” the photo into everyone on the plane’s iPhone, including two flight attendants, sources said.

The flight attendants alerted the pilot, who immediately declared an emergency. The flight was stopped and evacuated. All the luggage and cargo was removed onto the tarmac so it could be inspected, sources said.

After nothing was found, passengers were allowed back onto the flight, which left the airport about noon. Authorities are trying to track down the person responsible for the airdrop, an iPhone function where someone can send a picture to every Apple device within 30 feet.

Source: JetBlue plane headed for Tampa evacuated after flight attendants receive photo of suicide vest | WFLA

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