Florida Woman Accused of Ramming Ex-Boyfriend’s Pregnant Girlfriend with a Car

A woman from Pensacola, Florida, was arrested after she reportedly rammed her ex-boyfriend’s pregnant girlfriend with a car.

April Upton, 31, was charged with battery, aggravated battery and damage to property-criminal mischief. The original incident reportedly occurred on June 19th, after Upton approached her ex-boyfriend’s home and got into an argument with him. At some point, his current girlfriend came out of the home, which resulted in Upton assaulting her, including kicking the pregnant woman in the stomach.

The ex-boyfriend then pushed Upton back into her car. She then began to drive around their yard, destroying flowerbeds and eventually trying to ram the current girlfriend, striking her in the leg. She then struck a tree while leaving the scene.

Source: Florida woman allegedly rammed ex-boyfriend’s pregnant girlfriend with car

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