Teenagers Caught Spray-Painting School with Racist and Homophobic Slurs After Their Phones Connected to the School’s WiFi

Four teenagers in Maryland were caught vandalizing a school after their cell phones connected to the school’s WiFi network.

The four covered their faces when they used spray paint to draw swastikas and write racist and homophobic slurs on the exterior of Genleg High School, where they were seniors when they committed the crime in 2018. They later told investigators that they were only originally planning on putting “Class of 2018” on the sidewalk.

The teens went unidentified until recently when it was discovered that their phones had connected to the school’s WiFi system during the crime. Investigators used this information to track them down and made the arrests.

Source: Teens who spray-painted school with racist, homophobic slurs caught through WiFi info | WSB-TV

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