Road Rage Driver Shoots Truck Full of Fireworks, Burns Family Inside

A family of four was injured in an apparent “road rage incident” in Houston, Texas, Thursday night after a suspect fired a gun at their car, igniting the fireworks inside, authorities said.

The children, a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old, sustained “severe burns” and had to be life flighted due to their injuries, according to Deputy Tom Turner with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office violent crimes unit.

He told reporters at the scene that two men had “exchanged words” and pulled into a gas station parking lot. Both men got out of their vehicles and one of them took out a firearm, Turner said.

The other man, who had just purchased fireworks nearby, Turner said, returned to his car and started to leave with his wife and two children.

The suspect then fired into their car, Turner said. One of the rounds hit the fireworks inside, “causing the fireworks to explode” and “catching the vehicle on fire.” The suspect fled the scene and is still on the loose.

Source: Family of 4, including 2 toddlers, burned by fireworks ignited by road rage shooting in N. Harris County |

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